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Our Story


Our story started with nothing more than a love for Italian food and culture. We vibe with their taste, ingredients and most importantly with the simplicity of the food there. After experimenting here and there, we couldn't save ourselves falling in love with the magic of handmade fresh pasta and wanted to spread this love with as many people as we can. So to say, our pasta journey began.


To ensure you experience the freshest pasta, we prepare it on the day of delivery. It is a great deal for us to be able to serve people food we love to create and eat.

Thank you for your love, trust and support. We promise to keep bringing you wholesome authentic pasta dishes full of flavor. 

Buon Appetito!


Chef and Founder 

Donna Cucina

DONNA CUCINA (/cu·cì·na/),  Donna is used to address a woman in Italian and Cucina simply means kitchen. The name celebrates Italian grandmothers and women in general who have dedicated their lives to Pasta making and feeding their family and loved ones beautiful dishes every day.

Photo 06-04-21, 7 29 31 AM.png

It was now time to introduce as many people as we can to this wonderful world of Pasta and an Instagram handle seemed an apt choice 2 years back. What we never thought was that this Cucina will be delivering Pastas all over Pune in a few months time. But here we are! Constant good feedback was a huge encouragement to do more of what we were doing. 

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